Another weekend passed, another game in the books. Not going to do a descriptive battle report as this was the first battle I used my Grey Knights. Because the game store was filled with a sort of tournament my friend Dave and I couldn’t play on a standard table with terrain. Instead, we used the kitchen table which measured in at roughly 3×5. We deployed within 6 inches from each long table edge and had no scenery. Did I mention I was fighting agains tyranids.

The game was 1250 points and looking at my low model count I was sure this would be quick. My army list included:

Ordo Xenos Inquisitor (power armor, psyker/force sword, psychotroke)
(5) Death Cult Assassins
Eversor Assassin
Vindicare Assassin
(5) Term Squad (halberds, psybolt ammo)
(5) Term Squad (halberds, psybolt ammo)
(5) Interceptor Squad (3 halberds, power sword, incinerator, psybolt ammo)
(5) Purgation Squad (4 Psycannons)

Tyranids got first turn and basically I was facing about 8 warriors, 1 Hive Tyrant, under 10 devigaunts, 1 trygon, and about 15 gene stealers. Nids didn’t do much this turn and I was able to take out 3 Warriors with a purgation squad and a Vindicare (all warriors had 3 wounds… call is psycannon spam, I’ll call it awesome).

Second turn. Trygon appears and so do his gene stealers on my right flank. Because the stealers came from the table edge they make the assault on my purgation squad, the squad goes down by end of my turn. I take a few pistol shots at the trygon with the eversor and vindicate taking him down to 4 wounds and then my inquisitor, DCAs, and eversor finish him off in cc. I also charge a squad of terminators at his Hive Tyrant and another squad at his 2 warriors that remain in the squad. End up losing a terminator from perils (hammer hand). All the big guys had synapse so it made it hard to pass those tests.

Third. Terminators take out the 2 warriors but at the cost of just 1 (3 left), which joins the other Terminator fight. However, the other squad is down to 1 as a result of the remaining 3 warriors (with their bone swords) from the left joining combat. Gene stealers charge inquisitor and DCAs and kill 3 DCAs. Eversor joins and takes out half the stealers, he dies but they break.

Fourth. Interceptors join, kill last devigaunt. Terminators manage to kill the last 3 warriors and Tyrant finishes off the terminators. Vindicare joins the inquisitor. Because the Tyrant is heading to the interceptors now I shunt them to the other side of the table to join the inquisitor. I join the inquisitor with the interceptors.

Fifth. The Tyrant charges into combat. He kills them but at the cost of 3 wounds, he is down to one. Oh I’ve been moving my vindicate to the other side of the table so when the Tyrant is done he heads towards him. In this time the vindicare misses a shot and the tyrant regenerates a wound. Next turn vindicate will die. However, I manage to turbo penetrate him and I pull out the win.

So, not a normal game of 40k but a good chance to see what the Grey Knights have. One of the issues I came across was the Hive Tyrant. He’s real tough when he’s got his lash whip, which brings initiatives down to 1. That got me thinking, If I were to use Crowe, would I be able to still use his rapier strike ability that makes all his hits initiative 10? Something tells me no but it seems to be 2 special rules that counteract each other.

All in all, very fun game and now I’m thinking about what else I need to paint.

It’s time again to murder some Nids! Bigger battle than the previous one coming in at 1250 points. Changed my list up a bit and looking forward to test out some other tactics. I’m trying a different way to write a battle report.Here’s a look at how it all went down.

The space marines enter the valley. In the center there is an outpost surrounded by trees that raises all the way up to the sky. For a second the commander considers sending a unit to the top for a better vantage point but quickly dismisses it as he sees the collection of tyranid warriors accumulating on the left flank. The captain charges straight ahead in his rhino filled with a command squad of his best special weapons team in hopes to flank them on their left. By this time it is apparent that the warriors are being lead by a carnifex. The sergeant of the combat squad reports “Captain, we are gonna reposition ourselves with the main force below. There is no shot to be had here. There is just too many trees blocking our view.” So the dreadnought and combat squad make a run to their brothers.

Still very quite as the other half of the tactical squad spot a rustling from the trees in the distance. “It’s just not like those filthy nids to be hiding behind cover like that. Filthy xenos.” Just as the devastator squad takes there one an only shot at the Nid huddle, the ground begins to shake violently, almost bringing the marines to their knees. From the earth in front of the Vindicator a gigantic Trygon rises. Immediately he spits fire down on the marines killing very few. The Sternguard return fire. Their vengeance rounds severely wounding the monstrous creature. As the majority of focus is on the Trygon, the carnifex and warriors charge over the hill towards the fight. The vindicator and devastators make short work of the fex, knowing that if he joins the fight, it’s all over. At this point total war has broken out amongst the marines main force.

Meanwhile, as the captain and his command squad are traveling to hit the nids from the side one of the vets spots a rustling in the trees. “Lictor!” Without hesitation the Rhino pilot takes off at top speed. Just as they break free, on the horizon there is a huge swarm of gaunts amassing. The speeding pilot continues to floor it straight into the cluster crushing one. The huge swarm breaks. Both swarms head for cover. The captain and his vets exit the Rhino. The vets charge for the squad opening fire with plasma, melta and flamers, cutting them down to one or two. Captain, “Alright brothers, lets get back to the real fight.” As the squad turns to head back to the Rhino, they are met with a hail of toxic bio fluid. The other gaunts seemed to have joined the fight. Upon entering the Rhino, blinded by the recent attack they realize two of their brothers have fallen. “Looks like we are far from done here. I just hope our brothers are holding out.”

Complete chaos has erupted… literally. By this time the trygon is no closer to death and now a dozen or so genestealers including a brood lord has emerged from the hole that the trygon has just came from. Frantically the marines fire at everything, wounding warriors but not enough to bring any down. The trygon  leaps forward for the devastator squad. As a reflex, the demolisher gun team on the Vindicator fire directly at the pile of genestealers pouring out of the hole. The result is near extinction. All but 3 genestealers remain including the brood lord. The vindicator pilot triumphantly boasts to the captain. Captain, “Great. Keep it up. How are the rest of your brothers making out?.” The pilot looks to his dashboard read out and pauses. “It doesn’t look good, captain.” We’ve almost complete killed the warriors but now it seems there is a Lictor that has just killed the stern… wait a sec…” A flash from the Dreadnought and “…nevermind. Lictor terminated.” We will be there when we can. Hold strong.”

After killing the Lictor, the dreadnought is distracted by a huge blast to his left. The whirlwind is gone and the Trygon is charging towards the Vindicator. He looks around to find all of the remaining squads engaged and falling at a rapid pace. In a desperate act to kill the trygon, the dreadnought runs back to hold ground and hopefully kill him, his brothers are lost and there is nothing he can do about it. If only he can buy some time until the captain and the vets arrive. Before the dread could take another step a second explosion went off… “the Vindicator,” he thought. As he turned to take a shot the trygon was baring down on him. 

As they round the corner, the captain and his vets witness what is left of all the murder and destruction. They snap back to action as they here the Rhino storm bolters killing the brood lord. The team move forward and off in the distance the dreadnought collapses in a fiery wreck. They are now faced with the unkillable trygon as well as the last of the tyranid warriors. The captain, in a fit of rage demands they drive straight through the trygon and come out his arse. The squad fires furiously out of the hatches. They come to an immediate halt as the trygon calls their bluff and dices the vehicle into many pieces. The captain and his remaining squad stand and fight but the giant monsters are just too much. What’s left of the squad hear a rustling in the trees to the right, the warrior, but it’s too late as a trygon talon burst through each marine. The captain drops his bolter to the ground and starts swing his chainsword… yeah chainsword. Sparks fly as the chainsword is reflected by the talons of the trygon. He to bursts into a blood mess. No one is left to tell the tale of trygon valley.

So to recap, this was a difficult battle as I have never faced a trygon before nor, know what to do when one pops up. I had limited mobility with only one Rhino and was unable to move into a defensive position when all the tyranids arrived in my zone. Not sure what else to say, but I will definitely try to compensate for my lack of maneuverability.

Prep: Facing tyranids today with 1000 points. My list includes:

120 Captian (Power Sword, Hellfire Rounds)
95 Tactical Squad (5) (Melta gun)
45 Rhinio (Storm bolter)
116 Tactical Squad (6) (Plasma gun)
75 Razorback (Lascannon/TL Plasma gun)
250 Sternguard (10)
180 Devastator Squad (5) (Lacannon, Plasma Canon, Multi-Melta, Missile Launcher)
115 Vindicator (Storm bolter)

Thoughts: The goal of this list is to test out my ability to draw his force where I want to. Using the Tactical squads in the Rhino and Razorback as bait, I want to hit him on either the left and right side or both attack one flank. Never straying too far from my main force which is positioned right in the middle or at least at a good line of site. We’ll see how this goes.

Enemy: My Marines were facing 2 Carnifexes, 7 Warriors, 10 or so Genestealers, roughly 7 Termagants, and about 20 Hormagants.

Setting: Standard annihilation game no objectives. From my vantage, the field was hilly, a 3 level ruin in my on the far right of my deployment, A mess of trees dividing my side and large hill to the far left.

Deployment: I win the first role and declare Tyranids go first. the Fexes and one warrior are on the side with the building, Genestealers in the center, warriors center left and all others up the middle. This is why I wanted Nids to go first. Devastators Squad on top of the building, Sternguard in the trees, Vindicator between the trees and the hill on the left, and the Razorback and Rhino headed towards the hill.

Turn 1 – Marines:
Devs fire at the first Fex taking him down to 1 wound, Sternguard shoot at the Termagants but nothing happens, Vindicator murders 2 Warriors and the Razor back finishes off one more.

Turn 2 – Marines:
The warriors and Termagants all move and fire at my Sternguard taking them down from 10 to 6 guys. At this point I begin to realize that my roles are all 1s and 2s. Dev squad finishes off the wounded Fex and manages to wound the other. The Vindicator’s shot deviates from the three Warriors left and manages to kill one and a Hormagant.

Turn 3 – Tyranids:
The Fex regenerates his wounds and they charge the ruins in close combat effectively shaking the structure so the Devs cannot move or fire next turn. The Termagants go into cover and fire at my Sternguard killing 3 more. The Warriors turn and face my attempt to flank them killing one marine. Sternguard shoot… nothing. Vindicator fires at the Termagants and squeaks out with 1 kill.

Turn 4 – Tyranids:
Fex attacks ruins again, brings down the house however, not my Dev squad. Dev squad return fire and wound the Fex once. Warriors charge my marines in combat kill 4. Genestealers try and attack my Razorback and end up with 2 casualties. Down to one Sternguard, 5 Marines, Vindicator, Razorback, Rhino and soon to be dead Dev squad.

Turn 5 – Tie:
1 Sternguard survives to miss another round. Warriors butcher some more marines and are now free to fire upon and both die. Razorback loses it’s Lascannon but kills 2 Genestealers with his buddy the Rhino. Carnifex and the last Warrior are both running at top speed from the other end of the map towards the Marines.

Turn 6 – Marines:
The turn starts out with the last Sternguard running to regroup with what’s left of the Tactical squad and getting gunned down by the last Termagant. 3 Marines survive the barrage of incoming fire from the Hormagants. The Rhino and Razorback finish of the Genestealers the Vindicator reaches the top of the hill to connect with what’s left of the army. Carnifex/Warrior still running.

Turn 7 – Marines:
Last Termagant dies and firing line is created while waiting for the Carnifex and Warrior to arrive.

Turn 8 – Marines:
Open fire on the Carnifex and he falls. Warrior charges combat.

And the winnah is… Marines: 
Because we are at turn 9 I am allowed to fire the Vindicator on all engaged in close combat. 2 Marines die as well as the last Warrior. A shell shocked captain stands victorious with smoke coming from his head.

Final thoughts:
So none of my tactics worked. For the most part I stood around while his Termagants out shot my Sternguard. I think what won me the game, was allowing the Tyranids to go first and positioning myself on the opposite end of the field of the Carnifexes. Sure I had to bait him with my Dev squad, I needed to give him a target worth going after. If he didn’t the Devs would have been a thorn in his side all game.