At the start of the new year I decided that because I have about 3000 points of Tau waiting to be painted I should try and knock some of it out during the 2014 year. Then I found that the Independent Characters podcast is having their annual hobby progress challenge. What  better time to start my army. So with that I created my 2000 point list (below). The challenge is based around the first part being a Zone Mortalis FOC and the second half being anything else I want.

Part 1:
Feb - Fire Warriors 11x, 1 Shas’ui (145)
March - Crisis Team, 3x Duel PRs, 3x Shield Drones (226)
April - Pathfinder Team x11, 1 Shas’ui, 1 Grav-inhibitor Drone (181)
May - Commander, 2 Marker Drones (202)
June - Broadsides, 2x HYMP, 1x HRR 3x Shield Drones (264)
Total: 1018

Part 2:
July - Stealth team 6x, Shas’vre, bonding knife (196)
August - Bodyguard x2, Duel Fusion, Target Lock, 4x Marker Drones (188),
September - Hammerhead, Disruption Pod, Longstrike (190)
October - Fire Warriors 11x, 1 Shas’ui (145),
November - Riptide, Velocity Tracker, Ion, 2x SMD (255)
Total: 1034

Now I’ve been posting these pics as well as the before pics to the IC forums but for this blog I will only post the completed work. So far I’m ahead of the game with 3 commitments completed. Now I know that the colors may seem off from these pics but I have been trying different things with my picture set up as well as my color correction in Photoshop. I assure you they are all the same color.

Here are the completed Firewarriors for February.




And my March commitment of the Crisis team.




Finally, my April Pathfinders and bonus Darkstrider model.




Currently I am working on my commander as well as my broadsides. Hopefully I can finish the first half of this challenge early because I plan on building some objective markers with all my bits. I’m actually really excited about this because I’m tired of searching for random things to use as markers.

After a busy summer with little to no time for war, I finally played a game again. This was my third game of 6th edition and I must say, It was fantastic. Not so much because of the rules, it was just a really good game. I still didn’t feel I got all the rules correct though. Below is the list I used for the game.

Grey Knights (1250)
HQ – Grand Master (MC Force halberd, Psychotroke and Rad grenades)
Troops – 2x Terminator Squad (5 man) (Demon hammer, 4 Force halberds, Psycannon, Psybolt ammo)
Elite – Purifier (10 man) (4 Psycannons, 4 Demon hammers, Warding Stave, Sword, Psybolt ammo)
FA – Interceptors (5 man) (Sword, 3 Force halberd, incinerator, Psybolt ammo)

Overall I felt pretty confident in this army list both before and after. I used my unyielding anvil to make the purifiers troops then split them into 2 combat squads. Here is how it went down.

Steam rises from the dewy grass as a giant boot crashes down. The early morning sun reflects off the silver finish of the terminator’s armor. The Grand Master arrives on the battlefield a few meters from his other soldiers. Looks like the battle is well underway and quite successful so far. He sees a combat squad of Purifiers to the south west pinning down and laying waste to the chaos plasma gunners that are holding up on the roof of a bunker. To the south the Grand Master finds the second half of the squad in a fierce fire fight with the chaos marines a few meters north. He considers moving over to attack the remaining chaos marines but instantly a squad of Interceptors arrive between the Grand Master and the traitors. In addition, another squad of terminators arrive and move into engage the chaos heavy weapons team off in the distance. At that moment the rest of his squad appears beside him. “Looks like our flank is secure. Let’s put an end to the cowards in the bunker.”

As the last in the bunker falls the Grand Master begins to feel the presence of a psyker approaching. The Justicar of the Purifiers to the west reports “Be advised there is a considerable sized squad of terminators on the other side of that bunker.” The Grand Master replies, “We’ll make a note.” Falling back, the Grand Master and his terminator squad position themselves just in front of the Purifiers to prepare for the oncoming chaos terminators. As the first of the traitors comes into view, he realizes that this is no ordinary soldier in terminator armor but in fact the infamous Typhus. The Chapter Master yells, “open fire!” and charge towards the enemy. The chaos bolters rip though the Justicar of that squad while the auto cannon drops another. They engage in combat.

Meanwhile the last of the chaos marines falls and the Terminators move in to capture their objective. A voice comes over the Justicar’s vox, it’s the Interceptor’s Justicar, “We have cleared this side no sign of enemy, moving on to support the Grand Master” “Affirmative.” The Interceptors charge over to the west only to find that the Grand Master is now engaged in combat with a massive squad of chaos terminators. A vox communication from the approaching thunderhawk gunship goes out to all squads, “Hold tight Knights we are in route, do not let these bastards take our objectives. The Justicar of the interceptors charges forth into the melee with the terminators.

It is a bloody battle. The interceptors fall almost immediately while lightning crashes as the power of a force weapon is unleashed. The Grand Master   falls beside the rest of his squad. The Thunderhawk swoops in to rescue the remaining troops. Objective complete.

I think I may take a break from the descriptive battle reports for a while. Who knows.



If you haven’t guessed, I’m reading the Black Library book Savage Scars. It’s a story about the Damocles Gulf Campaign against the Tau. Basically I really had no interest in the White Scars, basically picked up the book cause I wanted to read about the Tau. Currently, I’m about 1/3 of the way though and now I’m finding myself interested in the Scars. However, not interested enough to collect an army let alone paint a fully white one. But I can make a list for it.

So below is yet another attempt at creating a semi-fluffy list based on the book and the units they used.

123 – Captain Sarik (Power Sword, Stormbolter, Melta Bombs)
147 – Command Squad (4 Stormbolters, Champion, Melta Bombs)
340 – 2x Tactical Squads (10 man units) (Heavybolter, Flamer, Melta Bombs)
80 – 2x Razorbacks
70 – 2x Rhinos
225 – Assault Squad (10 man unit) (Sgt: Pair Lightning Claws, Melta Bombs, No Jumppacks)
30 – Drop Pod (Deathwind Missile Launcher, Locator Beacon)
270 – Landspeeder Squad (3) (2 Assault cannons, 1 Typhoon ML)
50 – Landspeeder Storm
150 – Devastator Squad (5) (4 Missile Launchers)

First off, I know Sarik wasn’t a captain but I added him for the purposes of the list as well as gave him some wargear so  that he’s not completely useless. Oddly enough in the book they didn’t seem so fluffy when it came to bikes so I left them out. I saw a lot of heavy blotters and missile launchers. Seeing as they were constantly traveling to cover ground I gave them plenty of transport.

I feel that this list captures the essence of the White Scars while staying relatively true to the book. Fast, mobile and assaulty.