Finally! It seems like the last few months have lasted longer than 5th edition has been out. Sixth edition 40k is here and I want to post my State of the Imperium address.

It seems that every time I am inspired to build an army or grow an existing one there is rumor of a release coming soon for that army. So, I hold off. About 2 years ago I started a Tau army, by the time I got to the battlesuit I heard that Tau would be coming soon. At this point I put them on hold as I didn’t want to select a load out for my suit without considering the new codex. Hell, I had a feeling they would change the suit entirely too. Now that 6th is here and it is the beginning of a new era in 40k I can once again plan and build my armies with these rules in mind. Including a brand new one. Here are my plans that should carry me through until 7th edition is released.

Off the heals of the Grey Knight codex launch I built a GK army that I am currently finishing up. My last squad of terminators is about 50% done and I’m building the Landraider now. On it’s way to my home as we speak is a Stormraven and Razorback as well as some Forgeworld bling for them. Eventually I will secure a Librarian and maybe Crowe and this will complete my GK army for now. Don’t get me wrong, there is a lot of stuff here and will probably take me to the end of the year to finish.

While I am in the process o finishing my Knights GW will most likely release either the Tau or Dark Angel codexes. This will ultimately determine which army is next. My feeling is that DAs are next.

The first army that I’ve collected has been Dark Angels. I have owned them since 2nd ed. Through the years I have purchase one of these and one of those. Most recently I have commissioned GMM Studios to finish out the army with what ever units I was missing from the codex. I now have pretty much one of everything. Not a great way to build an army so with the release of 6th and the rumor that new DAs are a close launch, I intend to optimize this army. I will select the units that I have and that fit DAs new codex and build from that. This will ultimately be my primary force. Any stragglers will be put aside for a vanilla space marine army, which will be built at a much later date.

As for the Tau, I don’t have enough to make an army list yet. Painted, I have a stealth squad, warrior squad, 8 Kroot and 2 hounds plus, some drones. On deck is a devilfish that might need to be repainted, I don’t know. I spent a lot of time painting it one way and while it’s 2/3ds complete, I’m not sure I can paint all the Tau vehicles in that way, it’s just too time-consuming. And when I finish my GK vehicles (with the airbrush) I may have a newer quicker better method for painting them. Oh well. In waiting, I have a suit, a squad of warriors, and another box of Kroot, as well as 4 more from the battle force.

After all these armies are complete and in the background I will be building a new army to field. I haven’t bought any of the models yet or even settled on a list but I came to a conclusion on a codex. While I work on all the other projects I will slowly be building lists as well as research on the net.

So these are my modeling projects throughout 6th. Outside of that, the hopes for my experience with 6th edition are to continually post my progress on this site, game more in the local store as well as play regularly (at least once a week at home), visit stores outside my area and game there. Possibly enter some local tournaments and eventually attend Adepticon in chicago. I expect 6th ed. to take me outside my comfort zone of this hobby.

With that I will say, I look forward to the new 40k. I have adapted since 2nd edition and although there will be things I dislike about it, I will ultimately stick with it. All the nay sayers should remember this is not just a game of rules but one of collecting, hobby and fun.

How the days have passed. Now it may seem, cause I didn’t post in quite some time, that I have fallen back out of 40k. I assure you, this is not the case. Below is a quick look at what I am doing as well as posts  in progress.

First off, I’ve built a table that I tried documenting in a post. The table is finished however the post is a work in progress as I’ve made changes to the design a bit and need to alter some plans and visuals that accompany the post. I have also started creating the gaming surface which will also be a post.

While still finishing my Knights and trying to build a table I still felt like there weren’t enough projects going on so I’ve started modeling scenery, trees and foam core buildings, both will be separate posts.

I also was able to get in 2 games. One versus Tyranids and the other against Tau. Currently finishing a battle report on the Tau battle.

What’s the reasoning for all this progress you ask? I have plans for a weekend long campaign against Chaos, or  as my other relatives refer to him as, Thomas. So I have been working on that too. Which will also be posted. Ideally in multiple parts. I will try to provide pdfs and materials used for anyone that cares.


This past weekend I met my buddy, Shawn at the local store for a game. I was late so Shawn ended up starting a game with the kid that manages the place and his friend. I got there in deployment phase so I just took over some of Shawn’s models. Shawn plays a Tau army in which he is in the process of painting. I think 90% of his stuff is complete the other pieces are undercoated. It was 2250 a side and we were of course Tau fighting Necron and Dark Eldar. I think it was a regular mission with about 5 objectives. For the most part Shawn was running the show I was just moving some models and taking random rolls. Just to preface this, I have only played someone with unpainted models once or twice and that was Shawn… as you can see, the crap I gave him for that has worked.

First off, although the two kids we were fighting against were pretty nice, none of them had painted models. In fact, the managers friend (Ryan – Necron) barely had fully assembled models. Some units were just torsos and legs… lol. He even fielded 2 Necron transport things, both of which were represented by the clear stand the model is mounted on… sans model. Shawn also fielded 2 unpainted models that were supposed to represent Forgeworld speeders with marker lights. The marker lights were represented by 3 small balsa wood dowels and a drone top.

So we started off with night fighting rules where you have to roll 2D6 x3 for distance you can see. This ruined us as Tau are meant to shoot and I think the first turn we shot at one unit. However, we did capture 3 objectives that were close to our deployment. They didn’t manage to do much on their first turn either. I think they killed some drones. The battle moved real slow. There was a lot of waiting around and letting them come to us since we had the most objectives. I think maybe the second turn I managed to explode a Monolith with a Railgun.

The meat of this game was us getting slowly taken apart. Most of our vehicles were either destroyed or immobilized with the exception of 2 transports. The Necrons flanked us with a monolith to the right and swept us off an objective. We dropped some Vespids in their deployment and I thought I was controlling them. I wanted to shoot at an elder transport (AV 10) and Shawn insisted on shooting at a Necron transport with AV 13 (he refused to listen). The dummy rolled dice and was pissed when nothing happened. We all laughed at him.

At this point the tension was high. Shawn was visibly pissed, the manager was sort of grasping at rules and Ryan and I just sat back and enjoyed the game. It was turn 5, the last turn. We moved in to reenforce the center objective and took their objective on the far left (total we had was 3). They had the last turn and deep striked a unit of Necrons in on the objective we just took, contesting it and destroying our transport in the process. An elder transport moved in to contest the objective in our deployment. And a unit of wyches assaulted a our HQ squad of battle suits then quickly followed up to contest our 3rd objective.

Shawn rolls to see if the game continues and it doesn’t. We lose. He immediately tries to convince everyone that it was actually turn 4. Then, he accuses Ryan (who was keeping count of turns with a dice) of screwing up the count. Overall, Most of the destruction was done by me. I killed a monolith, some kind of elder jet, and eventually killed the elder transport that Shawn didn’t shoot at.

After the game I gave some crap to Ryan for unpainted models and laughed at him for his unassembled ones. Told him I never played a game, let alone lost one to a model that wasn’t even there. I think they started assembling them as I left