After a busy summer with little to no time for war, I finally played a game again. This was my third game of 6th edition and I must say, It was fantastic. Not so much because of the rules, it was just a really good game. I still didn’t feel I got all the rules correct though. Below is the list I used for the game.

Grey Knights (1250)
HQ – Grand Master (MC Force halberd, Psychotroke and Rad grenades)
Troops – 2x Terminator Squad (5 man) (Demon hammer, 4 Force halberds, Psycannon, Psybolt ammo)
Elite – Purifier (10 man) (4 Psycannons, 4 Demon hammers, Warding Stave, Sword, Psybolt ammo)
FA – Interceptors (5 man) (Sword, 3 Force halberd, incinerator, Psybolt ammo)

Overall I felt pretty confident in this army list both before and after. I used my unyielding anvil to make the purifiers troops then split them into 2 combat squads. Here is how it went down.

Steam rises from the dewy grass as a giant boot crashes down. The early morning sun reflects off the silver finish of the terminator’s armor. The Grand Master arrives on the battlefield a few meters from his other soldiers. Looks like the battle is well underway and quite successful so far. He sees a combat squad of Purifiers to the south west pinning down and laying waste to the chaos plasma gunners that are holding up on the roof of a bunker. To the south the Grand Master finds the second half of the squad in a fierce fire fight with the chaos marines a few meters north. He considers moving over to attack the remaining chaos marines but instantly a squad of Interceptors arrive between the Grand Master and the traitors. In addition, another squad of terminators arrive and move into engage the chaos heavy weapons team off in the distance. At that moment the rest of his squad appears beside him. “Looks like our flank is secure. Let’s put an end to the cowards in the bunker.”

As the last in the bunker falls the Grand Master begins to feel the presence of a psyker approaching. The Justicar of the Purifiers to the west reports “Be advised there is a considerable sized squad of terminators on the other side of that bunker.” The Grand Master replies, “We’ll make a note.” Falling back, the Grand Master and his terminator squad position themselves just in front of the Purifiers to prepare for the oncoming chaos terminators. As the first of the traitors comes into view, he realizes that this is no ordinary soldier in terminator armor but in fact the infamous Typhus. The Chapter Master yells, “open fire!” and charge towards the enemy. The chaos bolters rip though the Justicar of that squad while the auto cannon drops another. They engage in combat.

Meanwhile the last of the chaos marines falls and the Terminators move in to capture their objective. A voice comes over the Justicar’s vox, it’s the Interceptor’s Justicar, “We have cleared this side no sign of enemy, moving on to support the Grand Master” “Affirmative.” The Interceptors charge over to the west only to find that the Grand Master is now engaged in combat with a massive squad of chaos terminators. A vox communication from the approaching thunderhawk gunship goes out to all squads, “Hold tight Knights we are in route, do not let these bastards take our objectives. The Justicar of the interceptors charges forth into the melee with the terminators.

It is a bloody battle. The interceptors fall almost immediately while lightning crashes as the power of a force weapon is unleashed. The Grand Master   falls beside the rest of his squad. The Thunderhawk swoops in to rescue the remaining troops. Objective complete.

I think I may take a break from the descriptive battle reports for a while. Who knows.



Sorry but things have been kind of busy these days. As the end of summer approaches I look forward to the things that come. And it looks like army building is coming back… with a VENGEANCE! It was a summer of sporadic hobbying, from terrain, to scenery, to modeling and very little painting. Here is a quick synopsis of what has been done.

I finished up building my table (still need to flock and highlight surface), built 3 pieces of foam core building ruins (need to finish damaging and adding texture, as well as bases and paint), built/magnetized a stormraven, razorback/rhino, and a land raider (crusader/redeemer/lascannon), Primed 50% of those models, and painted very little of my last squad of terminators.

Now that that’s out of the way, my next order of business is to finish up the termies and vehicles. I figure when the new box set comes out I will order some more spray paint and finish up what I have for Grey Knights, because I am dying to get into my Dark Angels. Which brings me to this…The Dark Vengeance Starter Set.

Let’s start by saying, I might have been a little optimistic. Although the campaign might have been planned out, the weekend sure wasn’t. I play so little of 40k that the battles, although not long, were more time consuming than I thought. After Tom arrive I realized that planning out the weekend around the battles would be too much, especially for Tom who was up for about 24 hours at this point. We scrapped the campaign and instead just played 2 games. An 1850 and a 3000 point.

Now I would love to be all narrative about the battle reports here but there was just too much going on so I’ll be brief. Plus, I really don’t think it would make for an interesting story… at least for me anyway. There are just some things you don’t want to re-live. So without further ado, I bring you a look into the games and conclusion of this post.

Game One: 1850
My DAs are a mix of mostly scouts and marines. I added in a few new things to try out like my scout bikes. I also had a stern guard squad with a librarian inside a land raider, a vindicator, a predator, etc. I’m facing a Chaos army that is made up of 2 squads of plague marines, 1 beserker, 1 chosen, an obliterator, defiler, etc.

The game starts with turn one were nothing really happens. Both side’s Rhinos are immobilized or destroyed and it’s a race for Chaos to get in combat and me to out shoot him. Here is where it al goes wrong. At the end of turn 2, my squad of sternguard and librarian jump out of the land raider in attempt to gun down the approaching plague marines with hellfire rounds. My Librarian successfully casts null zone and force dome. After a little back and forth, the sternguard lose about half their men while the plague marines lose maybe one. Immediately a plague marine bursts into a greater demon and assaults the sternguard. From this point on my rolling takes a dump all over me. Out of something like 20 possible hits in combat, like 2 wound, the demon gets 3, which apparently is enough for my elite sternguard to get caught in a sweeping advance. They take the librarian with them.

From this point on my dice rolls suck. The units that stand out the most on my side were the scout squad that infiltrated the difficult terrain (they managed to survive until the last turn where they were killed. They even got some kills too). The game ended turn 5, something like 9 to 4 kill points.

Game Two: 3000
I started this game more optimistic. Killed some obliterators, felt my guys were positioned well. Turn one ends pretty good for me. One mistake ruins my chances for the win. 3rd turn my Vanguard Vets make a heroic intervention and charge a squad of Thousand Sons and struggles to take out 1 guy. My rolls suck so bad that on the charge a 10 man squad of Vets (with around 38 possible hits)  gave me like 10 hits and 3 wounds. Chaos turn 3, a Demon Prince joins the fight and I lose by like 3 wounds (only one dying), and get caught in a sweeping advance. The mistake here is, I forgot that bringing Lysander makes the army Stubborn. Without the negative modifiers I would not have  failed the LD test and therefore might have killed a Thousand Son or wounded a Demon Prince. I certainly did not expect to win that fight but I would have definitely tied both up for a while.

After the Vanguard fiasco I was pretty down on my chances as well as my luck, but on turn 4, something happened. My positioning of things lined up and I was able to put down some squads. Basically the right flank was cleared of threats other than an immobilized Landraider.

The game ended on turn 5 in a tie. I had the feeling that I would have lost this fight had it continued. I was facing 2 terminator squads with one squad of scouts, half a squad of marines, a land speeder and a dreadnought. I think the biggest problem I had with both these games is making optimized lists. Basically I used what I had and my entire space marine collection consists of 1 of every unit. I struggled to put together 2 tac squads. If it was optimized I would make better selections, don’t think I would have taken the bike squads or predator. Also spent a lot on upgrading to use points. Also had too many scouts. It was like bringing a knife to a gun fight.