The Hobby


Less than a year ago I was finishing up some hobby projects that have been lying around. Since the new Tau codex cam rout I figured I would wrap up the devilfish and gun drones I started a few years back. It probably took a few weeks to finish but finally I did. So at the time I had a full squad of firewarriors, 3 stealth suits, and about 8 Kroot fully painted.

Long story short, the hobby progress challenge started and I need to strip the paint off the stealth suits for one of my commitments and it occurred to me I will need to do the same to my other previously painted models in order to match the new color scheme.

I never posted a pic of the final Devilfish so here is a before and after pic.





At the start of the new year I decided that because I have about 3000 points of Tau waiting to be painted I should try and knock some of it out during the 2014 year. Then I found that the Independent Characters podcast is having their annual hobby progress challenge. What  better time to start my army. So with that I created my 2000 point list (below). The challenge is based around the first part being a Zone Mortalis FOC and the second half being anything else I want.

Part 1:
Feb - Fire Warriors 11x, 1 Shas’ui (145)
March - Crisis Team, 3x Duel PRs, 3x Shield Drones (226)
April - Pathfinder Team x11, 1 Shas’ui, 1 Grav-inhibitor Drone (181)
May - Commander, 2 Marker Drones (202)
June - Broadsides, 2x HYMP, 1x HRR 3x Shield Drones (264)
Total: 1018

Part 2:
July - Stealth team 6x, Shas’vre, bonding knife (196)
August - Bodyguard x2, Duel Fusion, Target Lock, 4x Marker Drones (188),
September - Hammerhead, Disruption Pod, Longstrike (190)
October - Fire Warriors 11x, 1 Shas’ui (145),
November - Riptide, Velocity Tracker, Ion, 2x SMD (255)
Total: 1034

Now I’ve been posting these pics as well as the before pics to the IC forums but for this blog I will only post the completed work. So far I’m ahead of the game with 3 commitments completed. Now I know that the colors may seem off from these pics but I have been trying different things with my picture set up as well as my color correction in Photoshop. I assure you they are all the same color.

Here are the completed Firewarriors for February.




And my March commitment of the Crisis team.




Finally, my April Pathfinders and bonus Darkstrider model.




Currently I am working on my commander as well as my broadsides. Hopefully I can finish the first half of this challenge early because I plan on building some objective markers with all my bits. I’m actually really excited about this because I’m tired of searching for random things to use as markers.


Another quick update. I started a Kanban board based Carl, from the IC podcasts, recommendation. This has helped me really understand what I have on deck to complete. I feel it keeps me organized and even motivates me to move things to the complete column. With the completion of this Tac squad I want to focus on finishing up some loose ends. So from here to the end of the year I’d like to clear my plate so I can begin my Tau army.