Grey Knights

After a busy summer with little to no time for war, I finally played a game again. This was my third game of 6th edition and I must say, It was fantastic. Not so much because of the rules, it was just a really good game. I still didn’t feel I got all the rules correct though. Below is the list I used for the game.

Grey Knights (1250)
HQ – Grand Master (MC Force halberd, Psychotroke and Rad grenades)
Troops – 2x Terminator Squad (5 man) (Demon hammer, 4 Force halberds, Psycannon, Psybolt ammo)
Elite – Purifier (10 man) (4 Psycannons, 4 Demon hammers, Warding Stave, Sword, Psybolt ammo)
FA – Interceptors (5 man) (Sword, 3 Force halberd, incinerator, Psybolt ammo)

Overall I felt pretty confident in this army list both before and after. I used my unyielding anvil to make the purifiers troops then split them into 2 combat squads. Here is how it went down.

Steam rises from the dewy grass as a giant boot crashes down. The early morning sun reflects off the silver finish of the terminator’s armor. The Grand Master arrives on the battlefield a few meters from his other soldiers. Looks like the battle is well underway and quite successful so far. He sees a combat squad of Purifiers to the south west pinning down and laying waste to the chaos plasma gunners that are holding up on the roof of a bunker. To the south the Grand Master finds the second half of the squad in a fierce fire fight with the chaos marines a few meters north. He considers moving over to attack the remaining chaos marines but instantly a squad of Interceptors arrive between the Grand Master and the traitors. In addition, another squad of terminators arrive and move into engage the chaos heavy weapons team off in the distance. At that moment the rest of his squad appears beside him. “Looks like our flank is secure. Let’s put an end to the cowards in the bunker.”

As the last in the bunker falls the Grand Master begins to feel the presence of a psyker approaching. The Justicar of the Purifiers to the west reports “Be advised there is a considerable sized squad of terminators on the other side of that bunker.” The Grand Master replies, “We’ll make a note.” Falling back, the Grand Master and his terminator squad position themselves just in front of the Purifiers to prepare for the oncoming chaos terminators. As the first of the traitors comes into view, he realizes that this is no ordinary soldier in terminator armor but in fact the infamous Typhus. The Chapter Master yells, “open fire!” and charge towards the enemy. The chaos bolters rip though the Justicar of that squad while the auto cannon drops another. They engage in combat.

Meanwhile the last of the chaos marines falls and the Terminators move in to capture their objective. A voice comes over the Justicar’s vox, it’s the Interceptor’s Justicar, “We have cleared this side no sign of enemy, moving on to support the Grand Master” “Affirmative.” The Interceptors charge over to the west only to find that the Grand Master is now engaged in combat with a massive squad of chaos terminators. A vox communication from the approaching thunderhawk gunship goes out to all squads, “Hold tight Knights we are in route, do not let these bastards take our objectives. The Justicar of the interceptors charges forth into the melee with the terminators.

It is a bloody battle. The interceptors fall almost immediately while lightning crashes as the power of a force weapon is unleashed. The Grand Master   falls beside the rest of his squad. The Thunderhawk swoops in to rescue the remaining troops. Objective complete.

I think I may take a break from the descriptive battle reports for a while. Who knows.



It’s been quite some time since I posted anything regarding my Grey Knight force. The big reason is because I have been so much more involved in building terrain and getting my table ready, but before all that was started I actually finished some more units. I now present to you the second wave of completed Knights.

While I finished a squad of Terminators and began the second, I realized that I couldn’t just field them as is. They needed a little more kick, so I revisited them and gave the Justicar a hammer and another Term a psycannon. I also did the same with the second squad of Termies. I also added in a brother banner for good measure. Only one though as it took an incredible amount of time to paint.

Next up was the Vindicare Assassin. Here you can see the extent of my modeling where I removed the Ork skull and replaced it with a Genestealer’s skull (Thanks Dave). Not very GK fluffy but seeing as I fight Tyranids a lot, it’s fitting.

I had a really great time painting the Purgation squad and although I enjoyed painting the purifiers, they seemed to take forever. I’d also like to thank Thomas for giving me his thunder hammers to round out mu purifier squad. I know that this is not the most ideal kit for them but I like giving my units a soul purpose and they are clearly for assaulting MCs and vehicles.

So that’s all completed for now. On deck we have the final squad of Termies and the rest of the Wytches counts as DCAs, which most likely will be last. In the building stages we have a Redeemer, Rhino, and a Stormraven. In the mail is a handful of finecast.

I know it’s been a while. I’ve been busy with tons of things. Building a table, finishing my Grey Knights, creating a miniature campaign and  getting a few games in. Two more games were played at the local store. The game I played against tyranids was close but a little uninteresting so we’re skipping that and going right to the game I played this weekend.

This is my third attempt at playing Grey Knights and probably the most fun one yet. Typically I fight tyranids and my tactics are always the same, castle up and stomp bugs. However, this weekend I played Shawn who runs Tau. We played a 1500 point annihilation game and this is what happened.

The inquisitor gets word that the approaching Tau force is closer than they thought. In fact, just a little more time and they will be on top of the small detachment grey knights. As the vox com goes silent. The inquisitor thinks, these xenos will not get the better of us. “Charge!” the inquisitor commands to his war band of death cult assassins.

At the bottom of the hill stands an outpost. In that outpost an assassin waits patiently to see his first target. The Tau forces begin to make themselves visible and he thinks, who do I take out first. Quietly he chooses his first victim, lifts old blue and when right in front of 3 of the alien battle suits jump into the line of his fire. The vindicare hesitates to adjust his aim at the new target when he’s blinded by a bright blue energy beam. Unfortunately, this is the last thing he sees.

Not a moment later the Tau are on top of the grey knights with skimmers buzzing this way and that. Piranhas are slowly falling out of the sky from various rounds. The Inquisitor comes to a stop at the bottom of the hill tries to get Justicar Jones of the purifier squad to give him a status update but there is no response. The Inquisitor peaks around the corner of the building. He sees a unit of battle suits, guns smoking, moving towards the purgation squad that’s hold up in the ruins if an old warehouse. In an instant 5 marines materialize behind the battle suits. The marines unleash everything they have, including a blast from an incinerator. A small drone falls from the sky and the battle suits turn and fire on the unprepared squad of marines. The inquisitor holds his head and realizes that his detachment is completely underestimating the power of these xenos scum. Again, the inquisitor radios to the purifier in a desperate attempt to hear some good news but nothing.

Miles above the planet, the grand master of the grey knight detachment sits reviewing updates from the battle below. He thinks for a moment and realizes he does not want to commit to a full blown war for this planet nor is he prepared to. He makes a decision to send in 2 more units and if that is not enough, so be it. He will regroup at a later time and take this planet once and for all.

Justicar Jones takes cover against a ruined wall from the relentless fire coming from the tau battle suits holding up in the destroyed building 50 meters ahead. He turns to the last brother left in his unit, “There no hope left for us, brother. Let us do our part.” In an instant the purifiers round the corner out of cover, stormbolters blazing. Incoming fire surrounds the 2 marines. A blinding light flashes to the right of Justicar Jones and a moment later 6 terminators arrive. Too busy focusing fire on the purifiers, the tau battle suits are unaware of the new guests and seconds later are cut down by the terminators fire. Jones looks to the terminators and finds renewed inspiration in their brother banner and pushes forward.

Over the vox, the purgation squad speaks, “Status update: lost the eversor to concentrated fire. Threat eliminated. Multiple xenos craft down. Looks like the terminators have arrived, one unit 2 clicks north the second 3 clicks north east. We’re moving in.” The inquisitor orders his henchmen to move in as well. “Well strike them from the side and rip the enemy apart in combat.” With a renewed sense of determination the Grey Knights move forward. The Tau strike out at the now present terminators and unleash a deadly torrent of fire laying waist to the 5 man squad and more than half of the other.

Fully committed now, and way past the point of no return, what’s left of the Knights slowly pick off battle suit after battle suit, piranha after piranha. The Inquisitor runs though a ruined building, surrounded by alien fire, his henchmen falling all around him. The inquisitor manages to escape into a clearing still a target of the Tau, looking into the clearing he sees his brothers in the distance, a lone purgation marine, a single purifier and two terminators all regrouping and pushing forward. He pauses, smiles at the determination of his Knights, and takes his last breath.  

Over all, fun battle. When the game ended on turn 6, I was sure I lost as there were only a few guys left. Seeing it was an annihilation game and we tallied kill points, turns out I won. Kill point scores: GK: 8, Tau: 6. Turns out fewer squads are better… especially when you are playing Grey Knights.