Space Marine


Another quick update. I started a Kanban board based Carl, from the IC podcasts, recommendation. This has helped me really understand what I have on deck to complete. I feel it keeps me organized and even motivates me to move things to the complete column. With the completion of this Tac squad I want to focus on finishing up some loose ends. So from here to the end of the year I’d like to clear my plate so I can begin my Tau army.



Holy crap it’s been a while. Just a little update for the few that care. I’ve been super busy coming off the summer getting ready for the new kid to come as well as moving my office/hobby area into the basement.

Since last post I haven’t been completely void of hobby progress. I’ve prepped a bunch of models and even finished off an imperial bastion. I’ll have pics of that when I complete all the pieces to the imperial strongpoint. I’m shooting for the end of year for that. Over the last 2 1/2 weeks I banged out the Deathwing Terminators from the Dark Vengeance box set.


What’s to come? Working on the rest of the Dark Angels DV set and even gearing up to produce a custom homemade Zone Mortalis board built in a similar style to the previous terrain pieces I’ve created from the STCs on Confessions of a 40K Addict. I’m psyched cause it seems really easy. The only issue is the time however, I think with the help of some friends I can complete it before the end of the summer. If it works, I’ll post the templates up here.



Salamander Librarian
(click to enlarge)

Here’s a quick bit of hobby I thought worthy to post. Over the past few months I have been hunting for bits to finish off my 4 squads of Grey Knights I purchased off Bartertown. Finally, a post on the Independent Characters Podcast forum requesting some bits for painting paid off. Now I don’t consider myself a professional painter by any means, however my skills are average and that is only because I have been painting consistently for the past 2 years. Geoff, a co-host of the show, responded with a near full kit of GKs in trade for painting a Salamander Librarian. After month or two of back and forth (we both were in no rush) I received the package. I was surprise by the model Geoff provided as it was a little bland and didn’t look like a Librarian. So with his OK I did a little kit bashing. Which is basically my limit when it comes to modeling as I don’t typically do this kind of thing. Unfortunately I didn’t take a before pic so all I have is a finished model.

When the model came to me it was just a standard GK with a warding stave. I added the imperial eagle to the top of the staff as well as the book and sword icon on the backpack. Around the waist of the model I included the cloth, a pouch/grenade on the left, and another book on the right. The shoulder pad was included on the model, I think it’s Chapter House Studios but I’m not sure.

So after the model was completed and approved by Geoff, he posted pictures to the IC facebook page (yeah, they have one now). Overall, the model was accepted with about 40 likes and even a few comments. The general reaction was I was lazy for not drilling the bolter out. So seeing as I don’t typically do this to my own models, again, I’m not a pro painter or modeler, I didn’t drill it out but used my exacto instead to make the hole (pic was before the hole).

I must admit I was a bit upset with the comments at first. I don’t typically put my painting out there for comments. As a professional artist, I’m used to having people critique my work but in this case I don’t put that level of work into my hobby. I enjoy playing as much as painting and I spend more of my time painting than drilling bolter holes and scraping the mold lines off. Who is to say I’m lazy for not drilling my bolters out, I could accuse people that are poor painters to spend more time painting details. What good is a cleanly modeled figure if there is just a poor paint job on it. In the end I chose to just except that people are critical. Going forward, I’m going to review my modeling process and make an attempt to clean them up a bit. I may not have liked it but I can agree that, if I put the time and effort in to painting them I might as well take out the imperfections. And with the purchase of an airbrush I have decided to grow as a hobbyist.

…I’m also not a writer so I care about my crappy writing.