All posts for the month July, 2011

I know it’s been a while and really this is just to exercise my posting muscles. This is where I stand right now with my 40k. I ordered my 1500 Grey Knights a few weeks ago and just received it 2 weeks ago. As it is right now I ordered:

  • 3 boxes of GK Termies
  • 2 boxes of GKs
  • 1 Land Raider Redeemer and
  • 1 box of Dark Eldar Wyches

Notice anything strange? Yeah, its the wyches. If you read the previous post about my army list I never mentioned the wyches and that’s because I changed my list last minute. I felt the Librarian was too many points and it usually ends up as a hail mary pass. You end up spending so many points on one model that holds a few special cards and you still have to rely on the luck of the dice. Instead I went with an inquisitor and death cult assassin henchmen. And because the models are a bit old, I went with wyches.

So that’s that. Currently I am painting my DCAs and a squad of Termies. I hope to post one of each sometime this week… as long as my camera cooperates.

Even though this dates me, I started this army during the second edition rules. It was a much simpler time back then. I still feel the Dark Angels were never given the proper codex, even back then. Their heroes were way over priced for what you got. Nothing’s changed. Anyway, during this time I painted most of my guys and also started a Chaos army and an Imperial Guard one. Back then I had so much more time… if only I had the money I have now.

As time went on I accumulated more models and had less time to paint. Thankfully, my buddy Dave felt bad for me, or gave into my bitching and started to paint some guys for me. They turned out awesome. Not sure it the pictures do them justice but here they are.

Above are Terminators, Asmodi, and a few Scouts that were painted by Dave.

Also, a close up of Ezekiel the Librarian. Look at the DA symbol on the left shoulder. This is not a decal, he actually painted all symbols on the models.

Above are the last models I painted for this army. I think the techmarine was probably the last. It probably dates back to about early 2000s. Below are my Ravenwing another bunch of useless models with the exception of the landspeeder when fighting Tyranids.

I promised myself I would never accumulate this many models again. Fat chance of that.