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Prep: Facing tyranids today with 1000 points. My list includes:

120 Captian (Power Sword, Hellfire Rounds)
95 Tactical Squad (5) (Melta gun)
45 Rhinio (Storm bolter)
116 Tactical Squad (6) (Plasma gun)
75 Razorback (Lascannon/TL Plasma gun)
250 Sternguard (10)
180 Devastator Squad (5) (Lacannon, Plasma Canon, Multi-Melta, Missile Launcher)
115 Vindicator (Storm bolter)

Thoughts: The goal of this list is to test out my ability to draw his force where I want to. Using the Tactical squads in the Rhino and Razorback as bait, I want to hit him on either the left and right side or both attack one flank. Never straying too far from my main force which is positioned right in the middle or at least at a good line of site. We’ll see how this goes.

Enemy: My Marines were facing 2 Carnifexes, 7 Warriors, 10 or so Genestealers, roughly 7 Termagants, and about 20 Hormagants.

Setting: Standard annihilation game no objectives. From my vantage, the field was hilly, a 3 level ruin in my on the far right of my deployment, A mess of trees dividing my side and large hill to the far left.

Deployment: I win the first role and declare Tyranids go first. the Fexes and one warrior are on the side with the building, Genestealers in the center, warriors center left and all others up the middle. This is why I wanted Nids to go first. Devastators Squad on top of the building, Sternguard in the trees, Vindicator between the trees and the hill on the left, and the Razorback and Rhino headed towards the hill.

Turn 1 – Marines:
Devs fire at the first Fex taking him down to 1 wound, Sternguard shoot at the Termagants but nothing happens, Vindicator murders 2 Warriors and the Razor back finishes off one more.

Turn 2 – Marines:
The warriors and Termagants all move and fire at my Sternguard taking them down from 10 to 6 guys. At this point I begin to realize that my roles are all 1s and 2s. Dev squad finishes off the wounded Fex and manages to wound the other. The Vindicator’s shot deviates from the three Warriors left and manages to kill one and a Hormagant.

Turn 3 – Tyranids:
The Fex regenerates his wounds and they charge the ruins in close combat effectively shaking the structure so the Devs cannot move or fire next turn. The Termagants go into cover and fire at my Sternguard killing 3 more. The Warriors turn and face my attempt to flank them killing one marine. Sternguard shoot… nothing. Vindicator fires at the Termagants and squeaks out with 1 kill.

Turn 4 – Tyranids:
Fex attacks ruins again, brings down the house however, not my Dev squad. Dev squad return fire and wound the Fex once. Warriors charge my marines in combat kill 4. Genestealers try and attack my Razorback and end up with 2 casualties. Down to one Sternguard, 5 Marines, Vindicator, Razorback, Rhino and soon to be dead Dev squad.

Turn 5 – Tie:
1 Sternguard survives to miss another round. Warriors butcher some more marines and are now free to fire upon and both die. Razorback loses it’s Lascannon but kills 2 Genestealers with his buddy the Rhino. Carnifex and the last Warrior are both running at top speed from the other end of the map towards the Marines.

Turn 6 – Marines:
The turn starts out with the last Sternguard running to regroup with what’s left of the Tactical squad and getting gunned down by the last Termagant. 3 Marines survive the barrage of incoming fire from the Hormagants. The Rhino and Razorback finish of the Genestealers the Vindicator reaches the top of the hill to connect with what’s left of the army. Carnifex/Warrior still running.

Turn 7 – Marines:
Last Termagant dies and firing line is created while waiting for the Carnifex and Warrior to arrive.

Turn 8 – Marines:
Open fire on the Carnifex and he falls. Warrior charges combat.

And the winnah is… Marines: 
Because we are at turn 9 I am allowed to fire the Vindicator on all engaged in close combat. 2 Marines die as well as the last Warrior. A shell shocked captain stands victorious with smoke coming from his head.

Final thoughts:
So none of my tactics worked. For the most part I stood around while his Termagants out shot my Sternguard. I think what won me the game, was allowing the Tyranids to go first and positioning myself on the opposite end of the field of the Carnifexes. Sure I had to bait him with my Dev squad, I needed to give him a target worth going after. If he didn’t the Devs would have been a thorn in his side all game.

Welcome to the relaunch of! It’s been a while since I posted anything so I will start right were I left off.

Review of Kill Team arcade game on the xBox 360.

I was pleasantly surprised with this game. A lot of action and simple story made it very exciting to play. A couple of parts were a little annoying to get though such as, the final boss and destroying the 5 or 6 tanks of whatever fluid that green stuff was.

Another surprise was fighting the tyranids. Love that. Murdering countless bugs never gets old. Not sure why they didn’t add them to the Space Marine game. Soon I hope.

Well I hope your not too disappointed with this post as it’s all I got right now. Kind of just doing this on the fly.