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Not sure I’m the guy to give tutorials on painting as there are way more people qualified  for that. However, I would like to take a moment, in the interest of documenting my hobby abilities, to share my method of painting a standard 40K model. In this case it happens to be one of my Grey Knight Purgation squad with psycannon. Just an FYI, I use both Vallejo and GW paints so I apologize if my color names are not consistent.

First, I prime the model by spraying the whole sprue a flat black (typically I use GW’s Chaos Black spray paint). I like to get a good coat on in this phase as there is no hiding model plastic except with paint ad I don’t feel like going one rate model with more paint to cover those missed areas. After the black dries, I go over it with chain mail (Army Painter spray) and try to get most of it but don’t stress if there are some missed crevasses. Once all the spraying is done and dried for a full day, the model gets assembled.

Now it’s time to paint a bit. At this point I have selected the colors I want to use throughout the model and start applying them to all areas. For instance, Scab Red for the shell of the psycanon and right shoulder pad, Royal Blue for the eyes, Brass for the fancy GK details, Bleached Bone on skulls and purity seals, and a khaki on the book pages. So the base colors are laid down on the model… time to wash the whole thing in Badab Black… that’s right the whole thing. I used to wash different sections with different colored washed based on the foundation color, but who has time for that anymore.

Painting Layers
The wash dries and now I move on to applying the first layer of paint. Basically, in this phase I cover the models again in their base colors and this time I avoid the crevasses by like a 32nd of a inch (maybe less). After the first layer is down, I begin to add the second layer, which usually consists of, Mithril Silver to highlight the armor, bolt gun, red orange for the psycannon and shoulder (I just like a happier red), a mix of white and bleach bone for all skulls and seals, a lighter blue for the eyes, Glorious Gold for the GK details and a mix of white and khaki for the pages. Backpacks go on after this phase.

I finish out painting by edge highlighting some areas like, a lighter shade of the red orange, white for the skulls, and a lighter blue to dot the eyes. Also, I paint the white graphic on the shoulder.

To complete the model, I coat the base in Elmer’s glue and dip it into your standard play sand with some medium coarse basing stone for texture. I give it a day to dry and apply a thinned down coat of glue very generously one the now stone base. This ensures that now sand or stones fall off. After another day of drying, I drop some spots of glue on the sandy bases and place a pinch of fake dead grass to the spots. To ensure that the grass is secure I take the back  of an exacto-knife and press down all over the grass. Last, blow the base to remove any loose grass.

Overall I find that this is a pretty fast and easy way to paint. Doesn’t require a real steady hand as there is not a lot of edge highlighting. I think in total this one guy might have taken me 3 to 4 hours. Normally I paint multiple guys all so I can give pieces time to dry. In this case I charged ahead with the one model.

Stay tuned for the second part of my Grey Knight army. Purgation, Purifiers and Terminators, oh my!

This past weekend I met my buddy, Shawn at the local store for a game. I was late so Shawn ended up starting a game with the kid that manages the place and his friend. I got there in deployment phase so I just took over some of Shawn’s models. Shawn plays a Tau army in which he is in the process of painting. I think 90% of his stuff is complete the other pieces are undercoated. It was 2250 a side and we were of course Tau fighting Necron and Dark Eldar. I think it was a regular mission with about 5 objectives. For the most part Shawn was running the show I was just moving some models and taking random rolls. Just to preface this, I have only played someone with unpainted models once or twice and that was Shawn… as you can see, the crap I gave him for that has worked.

First off, although the two kids we were fighting against were pretty nice, none of them had painted models. In fact, the managers friend (Ryan – Necron) barely had fully assembled models. Some units were just torsos and legs… lol. He even fielded 2 Necron transport things, both of which were represented by the clear stand the model is mounted on… sans model. Shawn also fielded 2 unpainted models that were supposed to represent Forgeworld speeders with marker lights. The marker lights were represented by 3 small balsa wood dowels and a drone top.

So we started off with night fighting rules where you have to roll 2D6 x3 for distance you can see. This ruined us as Tau are meant to shoot and I think the first turn we shot at one unit. However, we did capture 3 objectives that were close to our deployment. They didn’t manage to do much on their first turn either. I think they killed some drones. The battle moved real slow. There was a lot of waiting around and letting them come to us since we had the most objectives. I think maybe the second turn I managed to explode a Monolith with a Railgun.

The meat of this game was us getting slowly taken apart. Most of our vehicles were either destroyed or immobilized with the exception of 2 transports. The Necrons flanked us with a monolith to the right and swept us off an objective. We dropped some Vespids in their deployment and I thought I was controlling them. I wanted to shoot at an elder transport (AV 10) and Shawn insisted on shooting at a Necron transport with AV 13 (he refused to listen). The dummy rolled dice and was pissed when nothing happened. We all laughed at him.

At this point the tension was high. Shawn was visibly pissed, the manager was sort of grasping at rules and Ryan and I just sat back and enjoyed the game. It was turn 5, the last turn. We moved in to reenforce the center objective and took their objective on the far left (total we had was 3). They had the last turn and deep striked a unit of Necrons in on the objective we just took, contesting it and destroying our transport in the process. An elder transport moved in to contest the objective in our deployment. And a unit of wyches assaulted a our HQ squad of battle suits then quickly followed up to contest our 3rd objective.

Shawn rolls to see if the game continues and it doesn’t. We lose. He immediately tries to convince everyone that it was actually turn 4. Then, he accuses Ryan (who was keeping count of turns with a dice) of screwing up the count. Overall, Most of the destruction was done by me. I killed a monolith, some kind of elder jet, and eventually killed the elder transport that Shawn didn’t shoot at.

After the game I gave some crap to Ryan for unpainted models and laughed at him for his unassembled ones. Told him I never played a game, let alone lost one to a model that wasn’t even there. I think they started assembling them as I left

It’s time again to murder some Nids! Bigger battle than the previous one coming in at 1250 points. Changed my list up a bit and looking forward to test out some other tactics. I’m trying a different way to write a battle report.Here’s a look at how it all went down.

The space marines enter the valley. In the center there is an outpost surrounded by trees that raises all the way up to the sky. For a second the commander considers sending a unit to the top for a better vantage point but quickly dismisses it as he sees the collection of tyranid warriors accumulating on the left flank. The captain charges straight ahead in his rhino filled with a command squad of his best special weapons team in hopes to flank them on their left. By this time it is apparent that the warriors are being lead by a carnifex. The sergeant of the combat squad reports “Captain, we are gonna reposition ourselves with the main force below. There is no shot to be had here. There is just too many trees blocking our view.” So the dreadnought and combat squad make a run to their brothers.

Still very quite as the other half of the tactical squad spot a rustling from the trees in the distance. “It’s just not like those filthy nids to be hiding behind cover like that. Filthy xenos.” Just as the devastator squad takes there one an only shot at the Nid huddle, the ground begins to shake violently, almost bringing the marines to their knees. From the earth in front of the Vindicator a gigantic Trygon rises. Immediately he spits fire down on the marines killing very few. The Sternguard return fire. Their vengeance rounds severely wounding the monstrous creature. As the majority of focus is on the Trygon, the carnifex and warriors charge over the hill towards the fight. The vindicator and devastators make short work of the fex, knowing that if he joins the fight, it’s all over. At this point total war has broken out amongst the marines main force.

Meanwhile, as the captain and his command squad are traveling to hit the nids from the side one of the vets spots a rustling in the trees. “Lictor!” Without hesitation the Rhino pilot takes off at top speed. Just as they break free, on the horizon there is a huge swarm of gaunts amassing. The speeding pilot continues to floor it straight into the cluster crushing one. The huge swarm breaks. Both swarms head for cover. The captain and his vets exit the Rhino. The vets charge for the squad opening fire with plasma, melta and flamers, cutting them down to one or two. Captain, “Alright brothers, lets get back to the real fight.” As the squad turns to head back to the Rhino, they are met with a hail of toxic bio fluid. The other gaunts seemed to have joined the fight. Upon entering the Rhino, blinded by the recent attack they realize two of their brothers have fallen. “Looks like we are far from done here. I just hope our brothers are holding out.”

Complete chaos has erupted… literally. By this time the trygon is no closer to death and now a dozen or so genestealers including a brood lord has emerged from the hole that the trygon has just came from. Frantically the marines fire at everything, wounding warriors but not enough to bring any down. The trygon  leaps forward for the devastator squad. As a reflex, the demolisher gun team on the Vindicator fire directly at the pile of genestealers pouring out of the hole. The result is near extinction. All but 3 genestealers remain including the brood lord. The vindicator pilot triumphantly boasts to the captain. Captain, “Great. Keep it up. How are the rest of your brothers making out?.” The pilot looks to his dashboard read out and pauses. “It doesn’t look good, captain.” We’ve almost complete killed the warriors but now it seems there is a Lictor that has just killed the stern… wait a sec…” A flash from the Dreadnought and “…nevermind. Lictor terminated.” We will be there when we can. Hold strong.”

After killing the Lictor, the dreadnought is distracted by a huge blast to his left. The whirlwind is gone and the Trygon is charging towards the Vindicator. He looks around to find all of the remaining squads engaged and falling at a rapid pace. In a desperate act to kill the trygon, the dreadnought runs back to hold ground and hopefully kill him, his brothers are lost and there is nothing he can do about it. If only he can buy some time until the captain and the vets arrive. Before the dread could take another step a second explosion went off… “the Vindicator,” he thought. As he turned to take a shot the trygon was baring down on him. 

As they round the corner, the captain and his vets witness what is left of all the murder and destruction. They snap back to action as they here the Rhino storm bolters killing the brood lord. The team move forward and off in the distance the dreadnought collapses in a fiery wreck. They are now faced with the unkillable trygon as well as the last of the tyranid warriors. The captain, in a fit of rage demands they drive straight through the trygon and come out his arse. The squad fires furiously out of the hatches. They come to an immediate halt as the trygon calls their bluff and dices the vehicle into many pieces. The captain and his remaining squad stand and fight but the giant monsters are just too much. What’s left of the squad hear a rustling in the trees to the right, the warrior, but it’s too late as a trygon talon burst through each marine. The captain drops his bolter to the ground and starts swing his chainsword… yeah chainsword. Sparks fly as the chainsword is reflected by the talons of the trygon. He to bursts into a blood mess. No one is left to tell the tale of trygon valley.

So to recap, this was a difficult battle as I have never faced a trygon before nor, know what to do when one pops up. I had limited mobility with only one Rhino and was unable to move into a defensive position when all the tyranids arrived in my zone. Not sure what else to say, but I will definitely try to compensate for my lack of maneuverability.