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If you haven’t guessed, I’m reading the Black Library book Savage Scars. It’s a story about the Damocles Gulf Campaign against the Tau. Basically I really had no interest in the White Scars, basically picked up the book cause I wanted to read about the Tau. Currently, I’m about 1/3 of the way though and now I’m finding myself interested in the Scars. However, not interested enough to collect an army let alone paint a fully white one. But I can make a list for it.

So below is yet another attempt at creating a semi-fluffy list based on the book and the units they used.

123 – Captain Sarik (Power Sword, Stormbolter, Melta Bombs)
147 – Command Squad (4 Stormbolters, Champion, Melta Bombs)
340 – 2x Tactical Squads (10 man units) (Heavybolter, Flamer, Melta Bombs)
80 – 2x Razorbacks
70 – 2x Rhinos
225 – Assault Squad (10 man unit) (Sgt: Pair Lightning Claws, Melta Bombs, No Jumppacks)
30 – Drop Pod (Deathwind Missile Launcher, Locator Beacon)
270 – Landspeeder Squad (3) (2 Assault cannons, 1 Typhoon ML)
50 – Landspeeder Storm
150 – Devastator Squad (5) (4 Missile Launchers)

First off, I know Sarik wasn’t a captain but I added him for the purposes of the list as well as gave him some wargear so  that he’s not completely useless. Oddly enough in the book they didn’t seem so fluffy when it came to bikes so I left them out. I saw a lot of heavy blotters and missile launchers. Seeing as they were constantly traveling to cover ground I gave them plenty of transport.

I feel that this list captures the essence of the White Scars while staying relatively true to the book. Fast, mobile and assaulty.

Another weekend passed, another game in the books. Not going to do a descriptive battle report as this was the first battle I used my Grey Knights. Because the game store was filled with a sort of tournament my friend Dave and I couldn’t play on a standard table with terrain. Instead, we used the kitchen table which measured in at roughly 3×5. We deployed within 6 inches from each long table edge and had no scenery. Did I mention I was fighting agains tyranids.

The game was 1250 points and looking at my low model count I was sure this would be quick. My army list included:

Ordo Xenos Inquisitor (power armor, psyker/force sword, psychotroke)
(5) Death Cult Assassins
Eversor Assassin
Vindicare Assassin
(5) Term Squad (halberds, psybolt ammo)
(5) Term Squad (halberds, psybolt ammo)
(5) Interceptor Squad (3 halberds, power sword, incinerator, psybolt ammo)
(5) Purgation Squad (4 Psycannons)

Tyranids got first turn and basically I was facing about 8 warriors, 1 Hive Tyrant, under 10 devigaunts, 1 trygon, and about 15 gene stealers. Nids didn’t do much this turn and I was able to take out 3 Warriors with a purgation squad and a Vindicare (all warriors had 3 wounds… call is psycannon spam, I’ll call it awesome).

Second turn. Trygon appears and so do his gene stealers on my right flank. Because the stealers came from the table edge they make the assault on my purgation squad, the squad goes down by end of my turn. I take a few pistol shots at the trygon with the eversor and vindicate taking him down to 4 wounds and then my inquisitor, DCAs, and eversor finish him off in cc. I also charge a squad of terminators at his Hive Tyrant and another squad at his 2 warriors that remain in the squad. End up losing a terminator from perils (hammer hand). All the big guys had synapse so it made it hard to pass those tests.

Third. Terminators take out the 2 warriors but at the cost of just 1 (3 left), which joins the other Terminator fight. However, the other squad is down to 1 as a result of the remaining 3 warriors (with their bone swords) from the left joining combat. Gene stealers charge inquisitor and DCAs and kill 3 DCAs. Eversor joins and takes out half the stealers, he dies but they break.

Fourth. Interceptors join, kill last devigaunt. Terminators manage to kill the last 3 warriors and Tyrant finishes off the terminators. Vindicare joins the inquisitor. Because the Tyrant is heading to the interceptors now I shunt them to the other side of the table to join the inquisitor. I join the inquisitor with the interceptors.

Fifth. The Tyrant charges into combat. He kills them but at the cost of 3 wounds, he is down to one. Oh I’ve been moving my vindicate to the other side of the table so when the Tyrant is done he heads towards him. In this time the vindicare misses a shot and the tyrant regenerates a wound. Next turn vindicate will die. However, I manage to turbo penetrate him and I pull out the win.

So, not a normal game of 40k but a good chance to see what the Grey Knights have. One of the issues I came across was the Hive Tyrant. He’s real tough when he’s got his lash whip, which brings initiatives down to 1. That got me thinking, If I were to use Crowe, would I be able to still use his rapier strike ability that makes all his hits initiative 10? Something tells me no but it seems to be 2 special rules that counteract each other.

All in all, very fun game and now I’m thinking about what else I need to paint.

Just purchased the iPad 3 with the sole purpose to start sketching again. I’ve use the App Sketchbook Mobile for my iPhone and thought that it was a great tool just seemed useless on my phone because 1, it’s too small and 2, I had to use my finger. Unless of course, I carried around a stylus all day. Ever since I tried the App out though I couldn’t stop thinking about how much more productive I could be with it If I had an iPad. Not only would I have my sketchbook on me at all times, I wouldn’t have to carry a pencil, eraser and all the necessary supplies to sketch with. Another bonus is that all my pieces can be finished works meaning, I don’t have to scan in the sketch, bring it into photoshop, prep it as line art, and begin colors.

The only down sides are, not having a physical piece of art in hand. Only prints can be made and I think you lose something by not having the original. Also, since it’s digital, you are stuck with a fixed resolution that is an OK size but not huge.

All in all, I’m really excited for the possibilities with it. In fact, here is my first, rough, finished sketch. I say rough because drawing on the iPad takes some getting used to and I’m trying to keep these sketches quick and easy. This one actually took me about 2 hours though.

From now on all new illustrations will be added to a section called illustration that can be accessed from the top menu bar.