All posts for the month May, 2012

How the days have passed. Now it may seem, cause I didn’t post in quite some time, that I have fallen back out of 40k. I assure you, this is not the case. Below is a quick look at what I am doing as well as posts  in progress.

First off, I’ve built a table that I tried documenting in a post. The table is finished however the post is a work in progress as I’ve made changes to the design a bit and need to alter some plans and visuals that accompany the post. I have also started creating the gaming surface which will also be a post.

While still finishing my Knights and trying to build a table I still felt like there weren’t enough projects going on so I’ve started modeling scenery, trees and foam core buildings, both will be separate posts.

I also was able to get in 2 games. One versus Tyranids and the other against Tau. Currently finishing a battle report on the Tau battle.

What’s the reasoning for all this progress you ask? I have plans for a weekend long campaign against Chaos, or  as my other relatives refer to him as, Thomas. So I have been working on that too. Which will also be posted. Ideally in multiple parts. I will try to provide pdfs and materials used for anyone that cares.