All posts for the month August, 2012

Sorry but things have been kind of busy these days. As the end of summer approaches I look forward to the things that come. And it looks like army building is coming back… with a VENGEANCE! It was a summer of sporadic hobbying, from terrain, to scenery, to modeling and very little painting. Here is a quick synopsis of what has been done.

I finished up building my table (still need to flock and highlight surface), built 3 pieces of foam core building ruins (need to finish damaging and adding texture, as well as bases and paint), built/magnetized a stormraven, razorback/rhino, and a land raider (crusader/redeemer/lascannon), Primed 50% of those models, and painted very little of my last squad of terminators.

Now that that’s out of the way, my next order of business is to finish up the termies and vehicles. I figure when the new box set comes out I will order some more spray paint and finish up what I have for Grey Knights, because I am dying to get into my Dark Angels. Which brings me to this…The Dark Vengeance Starter Set.