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It’s been quite some time since last post. Been busy with so many things from hurricanes to hobby progress, this is gonna be an epic post with lots of pics.

Early October I was able to get out to the Warstore Weekend. I had mixed feelings about this show as it was not what I expected. Large gaming space unfortunately the main section was for Infinity, Warmachine, Flames of War, etc. 40K was located in a larger room down the hall in another section all together. My sole purpose for the event was just to scout it out and see what a gaming convention is like. The quantity of gaming going on was quite a lot and just popping in I was a little intimidated. Everyone seemed to know what was going on. Maybe because I came late and missed an introduction or something it seemed like just a bunch of games going on with some pretty awful scenery. Except for the 40k tournament, which had plenty of nice terrain. I did enjoy the vendor area unfortunately, there was only one vendor. And the swag bag was a nice touch.

Not sure I will be back to the Warstore Weekend but I will definitely be looking for another 40k event.

Since that con, I finished my table and began the creation of my gaming surface but never finished it. So from about November to late December I spent some time here and there getting them finished. For the surface I cut 2″ insulation board to 2′x4′, sanded, based and flocked it. I used the tutorials created by Terrain Templar on YouTube. I highly recommend this guy for tutorials on scenery. The only issue I had was where he demonstrates the spreading of flock to a glued surface. Mine started clumping so I just set up some large scrap paper on the floor, glued the sections of board, and used the shaker to apply a generous covering of flock. After that I tipped the board this way and that to spread the flock, and let it sit over night. Finally, lifted the boards and shook of the excess on to the paper. Collected the extra flock and applied a second coat of glue to seal the flock. Overall it took about one shaker of flock and and 2 16 oz. bottles of scenic cement.

Let me start by saying that I began this hobby shortly after high school and during that time options for scenery were pretty slim, as well as tutorials (this was around 2nd edition). So my group and I amassed what we thought was a pretty  good selection. Some tree/forest pieces, a couple of polystyrene packing corners (ruined and painted of course), and a few hills. As time went on and editions passed, my group and I moved on and bounced in and out of the hobby as well as apartments, so it’s safe to say our terrain had seen better times. Now that I have found my self back in 40k and playing on a regular basis, I found pulling together what was left, and although we kept it as best we could, the pieces wore down faster when we started to use them again. Slowly the field became bare.

Shortly after my table was finished I started some foam core scenery based on the STCs from Confessions of a 40K Addict. Here are some WIP pics as well as final pieces of the tower, ruins, and single story ruins. Here I also applied flock to tie it in to the surface same as mentioned above. I didn’t capture any pics from assembly but the first one is the primer stage and the second is first pass with a grey based coat. I tried to go light and allow for some shading but once I started I realized I did it all wrong. Instead of priming it in black I should prime in white and spray black into the shadows, then I would just apply an even coat of grey allowing me to blend the shadows nicely. Oh well. Noted for next time. To finish the pieces I dry-brushed the grey over the whole piece and edge highlighted some parts.

Side-by-side with the ruins I also freestyled some forest terrain pieces. You can see one in the 2nd WIP pic of the ruins. These were super simple. Just a little masonite as a base, cut an organic shape. Sculpted a few rock bases (pink foam), sanded, painted, flocked (like above), added some trees, and BAM! You got some terrain. Still need to finish one though.

For christmas I got a hot-wire foam cutter and just for some practice cut up some blocks of 2″ foam. Again I applied the Terrain Templars techniques. These were completed over the course of 3 weeks, spending a little time here and there. I wasn’t too concerned about how these came out as they were super easy and took little effort.

Basically this is all the new scenery that is finished. There are still 2 pieces that are unfinished but I think there is enough now so I can get back to painting my Knights. I should have part three of my Grey Knight army progress up in the coming months. In fact, now that I think about it, I may do a 3a and 3b because it’s gonna be another big one. I’ll leave you with a final pic of the whole table.