All posts for the month May, 2013


I know I haven’t been keeping up with the desired post-a-month plan but I have done tones of work in the meantime. It’s pretty much like quarterly mega dumps. So here is my progress on my Grey Knight army.

First up, I started with warrior acolytes using a set of Kasrkins I won off ebay. In total I have 12, 5 of which you see here. Unfortunately I can’t use the grenade launcher guy. I may even work them into a IG contingent. I know what you’re thinking.. original right?


Next, I included a Jokaero to the henchmen squad. Bit of an intimidating model with all the fur. I must have painted the fur about 3 times before I was happy with the outcome. I kept wanting to dry brush it but since my whole army is layered I stuck it out and managed to pull of a pretty nice model. As far as Finecast goes, this was probably the nicest model I have received from GW.


Here I took a Razorback kit and magnetized the weapons, dozer blade, and rear hatch so switch between Razorback and Rhino. Please enjoy the Forgeworldery.


…and here is the same vehicle swapped to make a Razorback.


A Landraider Crusader that has also been magnetized and beaten with the Forgeworld stick. I magnetized the side sponsons and ordered bits to house the Redeemer option (on deck to be painted). I also ordered the bits to convert it into a standard LR too. So now I can have any LR I want.


And then I decided, if I want to field all these nice toys I can’t field just terminators cause there won’t be any points left. So I purchased a lot of assembled and primed GKs off Bartertown. I got 20 GKs for $50. Sounds like a bargain you say? Could be. They were previously all pretty much interceptors with falchions and no extra bits. So I ordered more bits online mostly backpacks and shoulder pads as I had leftovers from other kits. Here are the 8 finished marines. I will work them into my Purgation squad so I can have psycannons.


Another magnetized model. This one was easy. All I needed to magnetize were the hinges at the top because the piece that connects to the weapon doesn’t have to be glued in and the weapon snaps in place. The other magnets used were on the right hand for the sword and other fist. I chose to ditch the hammer.


Finally, the Stormraven. I’ve been dying to get this model finished. I used it once with the load out from the image to the left, back when it was primed, in a tau game and beat face. I popped open a devilfish and wiped out half a squad of warriors. Then went on to kill a bunch of battle suits. Yay psybolt ammo. Again this model has been magnetized. All weapons are usable.

That’s all I got. Stay tuned for the next round where I finish my GK army with 8 more strike squaders, 5 interceptors, an new purgation squad, 5 more warrior acolytes, a culexus assassin, Draigo, Crowe, 5 more DCAs, and maybe a few servo skulls. I will also post a pic of my vindicare who has been painted from the beginning and somehow got overlooked.