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While finishing up my Grey Knights I managed to knock out some more terrain. The first to be completed were two moonscape craters from GW. The set has a total of five, so I started applying glue to the edge and dusted with a sand mix to smooth out the transition. After that I primed and airbrushed all five with the base colors. And last, just some dry-brushing and  highlights. Real simple. The only problem with these was the warping of the models. From what I hear they all come warped. I’m sure there’s a way to fix it but I was too lazy.


Now that I have added a DreadKnight and a Stormraven to my army, I’ve been having the urge now to create some line of sight, tall, blocking terrain. I’ve seen these type of rock formations done a variety of ways and I opted for a very quick solution. Basically I chopped up a bunch of small pieces of insulation board and glued them together. I cut slices horizontally, based and painted, with my NEW airbrush, and dry-brushed. Gonna need to make more of these.



A while ago I printed out some more templates for buildings. Three of each to be exact (these were the same as the ones in the previous post). So the images below are of one building I created from 3 sets of one template to make a temple like building. I mounted it on a single piece of 3/4″ insulation board and glued it to masonite board. This was done exactly the same as the previous ones. Only exceptions were the steps and insulation board base.


I’m super happy with the way this came out. Glad I spent the extra time on the floor, I think it’s what sets this piece apart from all others. I just used extra cereal box cardboard in 1″ squares, painted every other one white and applied multiple black washes to it.