4 comments on “Long Time — No Scenery Part 2

  1. I may be biased but the Temple structure is awesome. I really like how you took the template and made a very different structure from what it started off as. Adding the base and steps was a good idea and you’re right the tiles were worth the effort. I’m going to be tiling the inside of the Inquisitorial Vault when I get back onto that template.

    Your other work is also really nice. There are some that go in for the hyper-realistic rocky out-crops but I also like the cartoon, chopped foam ones. I think there’s room in the 40k universe for both especially as yours look so good. The craters also look good, too often they’re just one colour but you’ve mixed in some different colours for variety. I mounted them on bits of mounting card to prevent the warp, then used sand to blend the transition from the board, through the plastic and onto the crater, as seen here on my nid reclamation pool:


    • Thanks for the link. I think I saw these while researching haw to handle my craters. I opted to not do the mounting as I didn’t want to raise the height of the crater any more. I may consider putting a hair dryer to it and trying to bend it back. Not sure that will even work it’s worth a shot.
      I’m also going to start an alternate build of the 2 story ruin template, but I’m still not sure what that will be yet. Thanks.

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